Rolf Pfeifer


Rolf Pfeifer is currently a “Specially Appointed Professor” at Osaka University, Japan, and a visiting professor, at Shanghai JiaoTong University, China, and also an emeritus professor of University of Zurich, Switzerland. He is a member of the board of several Artificial Intelligence and Robotics companies and co-founder of the National Competence Center Robotics, Switzerland.

He has a master’s degree in physics and mathematics and a Ph.D. in computer science (1979) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). From 1987-2014 he was professor of computer science at the University of Zurich and director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

He is a pioneer of the fields of “embodied intelligence” and “soft robotics” which have had a decisive impact on artificial intelligence and robotics. He developed the humanoid “Roboy”, which has attracted world-wide media attention, and he is currently pursuing the “Robolounge” project, where robots will take care of the well-being of the customers, to be launched in an Asian metropolis in 2016.



また人工知能やロボットの様々な会社の取締役であり、NCCR Robotics(the National Competence Center Robotics )の創設メンバーです。




彼は世界のメディアに注目されたヒト型ロボット「ROBOY」を開発し、現在はアジアの大都市のどこかで実現予定の、ロボットと人間の新しい未来の形「Robolounge Project」に尽力しています。